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Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.


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stag beetle sighting tonight at dusk, late this year…. the amazing chap below was in the garden last spring or the spring before, captured looking for lady beetles to love


Hey Betta lovers :) I am an artist and betta/fish enthusiast trying to make some extra money since falli, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a digital “portrait” drawing/painting of their betta(s). The rates I’m going for is $25 for one betta, $35 for two - and I can do discount for three or more bettas. This will be for more realistic detailed betta art, but I can also do a more simplistic style at a lower rate. These are hand “drawn” by me using Photoshop.

I will send the full res image as an attachment to your email that can be printed up to 8x10 or larger, if requested. Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at greyviolett(at) Thank you!!

Note from the admins: Feel free to support someone in the community! We do not take any responsibility for this, so please do not contact this blog for more information or concerns.


My new ABC book, A is for Avocet, featuring illustrations of 26 interesting birds, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. 

A preview of the book can be seen here.

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my scanner couldn’t handle this jelly so now it looks like ———

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(3D printing) Darwin’s Cladogram Tree with Finches, by Joaquin Baldwin:

"Charles Darwin’s first ever sketch of a tree of life, in the shape of an actual tree, with finches perched on the branches. Each branch and minute detail of Darwin’s original drawing is represented, and each finch represents the A, B, C and D marks on his sketch. The sketch appeared in his private notebook (“Notebook B on the transmutation of species,” 1837–1838).

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that each finch is slightly different, and the more apart they are from each other in the evolutionary tree, the more distinct the differences are.”

This is beautiful.

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There. Fixed that for you.

One of the prevailing myths about people who appreciate taxidermy (or even create it) is that we hate animals and want to see the environment burn (or only have it preserved for our benefit). Nothing could be further from the truth. While yes, there are hunters and organizations whose agenda is only “MORE DEER AND ELK FOR US!!!!” there are also plenty of us who hunt, fish, trap, collect/create taxidermy/etc. and who consider ourselves to be dedicated environmentalists for the environment’s sake. When you spend enough time immersed in nature, it’s easy to become enamored of it. 

However, human relationships are complex, to include our relationships with non-human beings. A person who hunts to be able to have truly free-range meat to feed themselves (and families, in many cases) doesn’t necessarily disregard the seriousness of taking a life. I know hunters who still do (or have revived) rituals of thanks for the life of the animal. And those of us who work with taxidermy and other similar arts aren’t just out to slaughter all the poor little bunnies to stuff them and put them on our mantles. Taxidermists are artists trying to capture the lifelike qualities of a now-deceased animal, not because they hate them, but because they appreciate them.

My own art for the past 15+ years has centered on reclaiming hides and bones, including things like old fur and leather coats, damaged taxidermy, etc. I create art that is meant to honor those remains and turn them into something sacred, rather than a trophy or status symbol. And I’ve always donated part of the money I made to nonprofits that benefit wildlife and their habitats, like the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Nature Conservancy, among many others down the years. This is my alchemy: to take the remains of the dead and turn them into funds to help the living. 

And being supported by my art also gives me the schedule flexibility to do other pro-environment actions. I’ve adopted a half mile beach along he Columbia River, downstream from Portland, that I clean about once a month, and where I also monitor the water, plants and animals, and other features, and I’ll be learning to take water samples later this spring, too. I do other volunteering as well, like invasive species removal and tree planting. 

So while yes, there are people who fit the stereotype in the original comic, it is far from the truth that we all are like that. The assumption otherwise falls right into the “false dilemma fallacy”, where there are supposedly only two possible, black and white choices. I feel environmental activism in general could do with less of that and more acceptance of diversity in its ranks.

For more reading of my thoughts on this matter:

Animals, Activism and Dialectics - more on that false dilemma fallacy

Eating, Wearing, and Hugging Animals: Or, Why Omnivores and Taxidermists Have Feelings - does what it says on the tin

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"Kings of the tankbusters"

(Source: It’s Not Just a Fish)


BEAUTIFUL SHRIMP (continued from my previous post of Guerra illustrations)

[1] Dark mantis shrimpNeogonodactylus curacaoensis 

[2] Rock mantis shrimp – Neogonodactylus oerstedii 

[3] Caribbean Striped Mantis ShrimpLysiosquillina glabriuscula

[4] Ghost shrimp – Neocallichirus cacahuate

[5] Spotted cleaner shrimp – Periclimenes yucatanicus

Taxonomic Illustrations of Shrimp
by Alberto Guerra  [ albertoguerra ] - Yucatan (Mexico)
Digital art created with Photoshop CS6 & Wacom tablet
© BDMY - Biodiversidad Marina de Yucatán / UNAM Sisal

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I made this illustration pointing out the differences between these Ara species as I’ve seen some people have a bit of trouble telling them apart, hope it’s helpful!


Andy Goldsworthy

It’s fairly impossible to predict what British artist Andy Goldsworthy might come up with next! The Scotland-based artist creates intriguing, site-specific land art that utilizes natural resources in completely unexpected ways. The final results are organized, colorfully radiating leaves, spiraling sticks, and mounds of thin rocks that convey the beauty of the natural environment in creative works of art.

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Giant dinosaur skeleton pumpkin carvings!

We want to see your awesome Halloween pumpkins! So share your photos with us!


Redditor Proteon shared the top photo of an awesome triceratops made of illuminated jack-o’-lanterns. According to subsequent comments on the Reddit post, the fantastic beast is part of The Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton, New York. A little sleuthing revealed that this radiant dino was actually part of last year’s event.

The 2013 Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze is still going on through November 1st and then again from November 8th to the 11th. If you’re in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area, there are over 5,000 hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns waiting for you. Click here to learn more.

Second photo via Tom Nycz Photography

[via Reddit]

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