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beija-flor-de-fronte-violeta (Thalurania glaucopis) (by jarbas mattos)

*Violet-Capped Woodnymph

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Secretary Bird

Stunning! Well done Bob Worthington.

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Falco rufigularis (by jquental)

*Bat Falcon

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I filmed this in slow motion last year (before I knew better). I tossed bread up in the air at the park. This causes gulls to fly in a flock above you and swoop to catch each piece. It’s great fun. Sometimes they miss.

See my original video here

Camera: Nikon D7000
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/1000th
Focal Length: 300mm
Exif Data Zoom earthandanimals:

Golden Mascot Owl by Ole-Henning Svendsen


Golden Mascot Owl by 


bico-reto-de-banda-branca (Heliomaster squamosus) (by jarbas mattos)

*Stripe-Breasted Starthroat

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Tangara preciosa (by jquental)

*Chestnut Backed Tanager

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besourinho-de-bico-vermelho (Chlorostilbon lucidus) (by jarbas mattos)

*Glittering Bellied Emerald

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Hooded Visorbearer  (Colibri Lumachelle, or Colibrí Lumaquela)

Augastes lumachella (Apodiformes - Trochilidae), commonly named the Hooded Visorbearer, is an endemic species to Brazil.

The most significant feature of this species is its iridescent green “visor” which is only really noticeable when the bird is looking straight at you. Equally distinctive is the bright orange spot at the bottom of the throat showing on top of a white half-collar. This gives rise to its local Brazilian name of “gravatinho” or “little necktie”.

This tiny hummingbird occurs at few known locations within a moderately small range which may be decreasing in size owing to habitat loss. It is consequently classified as Near Threatened.

Reference: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Ciro Albano

Locality: Chapada Diamantina, Lençois, Bahia, Northeast Brazil

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Chlorophonia cyanea (by jquental)

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A female Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) sits on a railing and sings her heart out on Mission Street and 24th in the heart of San Francisco (not a normal place to see one).

Photo by Carla Kishinami

(via: Audubon California)

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Stripe-breasted Starthroat  (White-striped Hummingbird, Colibrí Escamoso)

Heliomaster squamosus (Apodiformes - Trochilidae), the Stripe-breasted Starthroat, is a beautiful hummingbird native to eastern and southeastern Brazil, which also has occasional records in Argentina.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: [Top: ©Ciro Albano | Locality: Mucugê, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, NE Brazil] - [Bottom: ©jarbas | Locality: Serra da Canastra, Vargem Bonita, Minas Gerais, Brazil]

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