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Gosling - 2013 medium expression Super Stripe (boa constrictor imperator - BCI)

My super stripe bebes are ready for a food upgrade.  These kids were big babies and man they’re growing fast!  They’re catching up to some of my 2012’s like nobody’s business.  

Beautiful boa!

09.21.14 ♥ 212
09.13.14 ♥ 1128


Blue Hypo male Reticulated Python from Filaretics.

That colour is amazing ;_____;

09.11.14 ♥ 292


Snow Motley Boa Constrictor.
Produced by Perfect Predators.


Super Cypress hatchlings produced by Micheal Freedman of The Florida Reptile Ranch.

The Cypress is an incomplete dominant mutation that appears to be similar, and possibly related, to the recently introduced Bongo from E.B. Noah in Ghana.

I wonder how they’ll colour up as adults …


Albion on Flickr.

08.24.14 ♥ 33


Hatchlings! Weights in captions.

08.11.14 ♥ 174


Posting this for Custom Exotics

A head and some side details of Karloff!

07.31.14 ♥ 688
07.29.14 ♥ 55