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Updated pictures on the babies and some shots of Merlin whom has darkened a bit finally.

ball python morphs by constrictors unlimited

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Help! My Betta is changing colors! 

The pictures above are of my Betta, taken three days apart. When people see a sudden, dramatic color change, they tend to assume some type of illness, but in Bettas, this isn’t the case. If your Betta starts changing color, you have what’s known as a Marble Betta! 

What’s so special about a Marble Betta? 

Well they are (obviously) special because they have the ability to change color. Some marbles will change for a short period of time before settling on a final color, while others will continue to change throughout their lives. 

What makes a Betta have a Marble color?

Genes are short segments of DNA that control everything. They determine what your hair color will be, they tell your body how to digest food, or how tall to grow. Bettas that change color have a special gene known as a “jumping gene” called transposons. These special “jumping genes” are what scientists hypothesize are responsible for the diversity of bacteria and prokaryotes, and they also help give your Betta the ability to change color. These genes have two functions which makes them important in marbling Bettas:

  1. They can override another gene. If a transposon goes onto a gene that normally tells the Betta to be a blue color, they force the gene to stop producing this blue color, and the fish may become transparent. 
  2. They have the ability to “jump”. So the transposon could start attached to the blue gene, but then move to a gene for another color. Once it moves off the blue gene, the fish will then start displaying the blue color again. If transposons keep moving, the fish can keep changing color throughout its life. However, it seems that generally marbled fish stop shifting once they hit maturity. 

Marbling is fun! 

It’s hard to predict when marbling will occur, although random color splotches on your Betta may give a hint as to if your fish carries the gene, but it’s always interesting to see what color it may end up as!


Tbh most people dont get freaked out by a marbling when its additional color, but rather when marbling is “true”; when it takes color away.


IMG_1574 by Aaron M Jones on Flickr.


The future of boa morphs looks promising indeed!  Lots of exciting stuff has been popping up and I’m stoked to see what this year brings.  The smoke boa (keltic x motley) is a new combo that produces viable solid black animals (the others being the leopard motley or eclipse, the IMGs, and the not-so-viable super motleys).  And a few days ago, the white smoke boa was born (albino keltic motley) to  Enrico Marconato of BoaLine.  Can’t wait to see this thing as an adult!

Pictures and litter belong to Enrico Marconato of Boaline.  Pictured are the white smoke and its smoke siblings.

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Completed light box means more pictures~! Shown here are my mack snow, blood raptor, mack snow albino, mack snow raptor, super nova, and total eclipse.


Argentine Horned Frog “Blue” ~ Ceratophrys ornata by Repticon on Flickr.

It looks like it’s been drawn on with gold~


Super Stripe compared to an Enchi Super Stripe from Morph Madness.


I found some photos of Eggs I took a few days after bringing him home. Ahhh, I need to find more excuses to take pictures of him, he’s so much bigger now!

I LOVE diffused white babies like this. If I ever get a cornsnake again this morph is high on my wishlist


Betta | Betta splendens

(by David ‘Jax Sprout’ Sucianto)

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2013 Goldblush Mojave

We were on a waiting list for 2 years to get a goldblush mojave from Brain Gundy. I would say she was well worth the wait. 



Various Ball Python morphs.

Produced by JD Constriction.

Camera: Nikon D3100
Aperture: f/8
Exposure: 1/60th
Focal Length: 50mm
Exif Data Zoom all-reptiles:

Axanthic Western Hognose


Axanthic Western Hognose


2013 Female Cinnamon Spider

This girl is my personal favorite in our collection! 

Now that is a nice Spider combo!