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Fenrus, Erasmus and Smokey caught sleeping in a pile! I’m so happy. This is exactly what I’d longed for when the cute photos of rats pile-cuddling on Tumblr became too much and I resolved to get a pile of my own.

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5 weeks —  1 year

Dagda, Fedja and Misty
     ( 24th June ❤ )




Launching of a London Rat Cafe! - London Dungeon creates quirky cafe where customers can drink with rats in a bid to remodel their image.

London Dungeon – an enclave of spooky corridors and shock-tactic exhibits which looks at the darker side of the history of the capital city – is celebrating the opening of its Rat Café, and with it, the chance for guests to enjoy a nice mug of ‘Ratuccino’ or a slice of ‘Black Forest Rateux’. 

Health and safety officials will be relieved to hear that neither food nor drink at the Rat Café includes rats as genuine ingredients – but willing guests can, if they so choose, enjoy both while the little creatures dash about the room, or even sit on their shoulders.

Although this unusual form of catering is largely for fun, there is also a mildly serious point to it – an attempt to rehabilitate the image of a much-maligned creature.

‘Rats have been tarnished with an undeserved reputation throughout history – from the Black Death of the Middle Ages to the great stink of Victorian times,’ says Hywel Mathias of London Dungeon. ‘We wanted to challenge those perceptions and show they are actually characterful and full of fun.’

‘Our café lets people get even closer, handle them, stroke them and really get to know them.’

Although the Rat Café was a one-off for a group of rat-loving guests, London Dungeon is considering making the idea a regular event.

‘Judging by first reactions, this pop-up rat café could become a regular date on the eccentric things to do calendar,’ Mr Hywel says.

I am going to go there!

Where we should have lunch on a Vulture trip to London. 


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My sweet little rat family :)

We won’t be at six for much longer, so I will enjoy it while it lasts :’)


February 23, 2014

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i know a lot of my friends don’t understand why i care so much about taking pictures of my rats

i guess i don’t either, truthfully

but i know that in a few years when i don’t have audrey in my life anymore, i’m going to be really grateful i was able to capture all those mundane-but-still-inexplicably-special moments, like audrey peeking out my boyfriend’s shirt while he does work

I’m still sorry I took so few photos of my rats Bubble & Squeak. They’ll just have to live on in my memory


The gang by Feistea on Flickr.


The boys have a new cage that they love! I’m going to start making heaps more hammocks for the rats since it’s starting to slowly cool down enough that they want them again :)


Amazing, beautiful, and SO CUTE. I love it when people train not-usually-trained-animals, and show how amazing they are! 

I’m literally making inhumane noises right now. I can’t handle the cute.

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Oh my goood look at this adorable little sleepy head ;3;

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Rats on patrol — rodents that detect landmines and tuberculosis

As a kid, Bart Weetjens was rather fond of his pet rats. Where other people saw mangy rodents, he saw potential. These oft-feared mammals can be more than just subway chasers and gourmet French chefs (Ratatouille, anyone?): in fact, rats can save lives.

Weetjens grew up to help establish APOPO, an NGO that employs African Giant Pouched Rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. Using these rats is an affordable, inventive solution to blights that plague some of the world’s poorest countries.

Rats have more genetic material allocated to smell than any other mammal on earth. Weetjens trains them to scratch at a surface when they discover a particular smell, such as explosive materials or TB-positive sputum samples. Turns out, they’re much more effective than standard detection technologies. In standard landmine detection, four people with metal detectors can clear about 200 square meters of land every day. A rat with one trainer can clear the same amount of land in only half an hour.

They’re impressively good at screening for tuberculosis as well. A lab technician can correctly identify about 50 percent of TB-positive samples with a microscope, but adding a rat to that process bumps up the rate to 67 percent or more. Plus, they’ll work for peanuts and stay focused for hours at a time.

See how Weetjens came up with this innovation, and see his rats in action in his talk from TEDxBratislava below:

Yet another example of “you rat!” being a compliment… :-)

Yes yes yes. APOPO gets a small donation from me monthly. Go check them out if you don’t know about them already!

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