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Ughhh I loooove Phoebe. I have a male spider and he doesn't have anything on her. She's so damn gorgeous.

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Do you hear that, Phoebe? You’re a gorgeous lady.


Hatchlings! Weights in captions.



A Toaster and two Quicksilvers!

Such cute babies!

That looks like a pretty serious duckbill on the first two (can’t see the third well enough) :(


The Kinte, also known as the “Rainbow Pied”, Ball Python from E.B. Noah in Ghana! You may remember this animal from this post last year but Crystal Palace Reptiles has now provided us with some high quality photos to look at.


Here are some more of Cicero today. I think he’s finally past his bitey baby stage <3

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(Clockwise starting at top) Sugar, Mojave GHI Fire, and Banana Pewter Bee Ball Pythons from Guy_Brooks on


Current sex ratio: 4 female mojave cinnamons, 1 male mojave, 1 male normal, and 1 female normal.

There is one normal still in the egg.

I am really pleased with the mojave and one of the normals! Very pretty animals!

All of the mojave cinnamons are also looking great.



2013 Female Cinnamon Spider Possible Yellowbelly

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Very nice o.o


Reduced pattern Clown with breeder Pastel Clown at Precision Pythons.

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The gang’s all here.

I am a tad jealous

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Some extreme snoot closeups for your viewing pleasure. Goliath had his head on the edge of his cage tonight and was willing to accept a camera clicking and flashing for a couple closeup shots.

He’s such a sweet little guy, docile and easy going and a curious little dude.

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"The Lava has a golden dorsal pattern that melts off into rich chestnut colored sides and a cream colored pattern that surges up from the belly. The intricate combination of these patterns gives the Lava a very special look. Patterns of this nature can be the result of a volatile incubation period and obviously do not prove genetic. Historically, attempts have been made to prove the genetics out within similar looking animals but have had negative results. We have three animals of varying ages from different localities – they are remarkably similar looking with the same extreme pattern, so we remain hopeful. There is no denying that they are amazing looking animals, so to hope it could be genetic is enough for us. We have produced normal-looking offspring and hope to prove it as a recessive mutation in 2011/2012. Our fingers are crossed."

The Urban Python

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