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Some more of Diarmuid, he’s one of the cutest snakes I know. :3  Not that I’m biased or anything.

So pretty!


Another example of weird scalation on ball pythons. This is another reason why I don’t like using scalation alone to ID a (captive) snake. It should be used in conjunction with other methods.

Both of the snakes in the pics are ball pythons, but check out how many scales around the eye the banana has compared to the cinnamon combo. When breeding for morphs, scalation can get a little funky!

Snakes with scales like the banana are not at all rare. I see them pretty frequently.

I also really wish I had pics saved of ball pythons with extra supra-labial heat pits. They were easy to find with a google image search a couple years ago, but I am having a heck of a time now. They exist, I just wish I had the photos saved!

The Huffman Gene is in the dark morph complex; by itself the Huffman has an orange tint with blushing on its side pattern and distinguished key holes also referred to as alien head.

The Huffman is a co-dominate morph and has a super form in which of a surprise does not make a black snake at all, but a unique bright colored animal with more intensified pattern and brighter from its original stage. When combined with other dark allelic animals it makes a like super morph, an all black snake with silver side pattern. This has not been proven to be Allelic heterogeneity or if will reproduce itself such as locus heterogeneity. 

This project has an abundance of potential and not much has been done with it except some of the few examples I am showing you.

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Super Cypress hatchlings produced by Micheal Freedman of The Florida Reptile Ranch.

The Cypress is an incomplete dominant mutation that appears to be similar, and possibly related, to the recently introduced Bongo from E.B. Noah in Ghana.

I wonder how they’ll colour up as adults …

Ughhh I loooove Phoebe. I have a male spider and he doesn't have anything on her. She's so damn gorgeous.

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Do you hear that, Phoebe? You’re a gorgeous lady.


Hatchlings! Weights in captions.



A Toaster and two Quicksilvers!

Such cute babies!

That looks like a pretty serious duckbill on the first two (can’t see the third well enough) :(


The Kinte, also known as the “Rainbow Pied”, Ball Python from E.B. Noah in Ghana! You may remember this animal from this post last year but Crystal Palace Reptiles has now provided us with some high quality photos to look at.


Here are some more of Cicero today. I think he’s finally past his bitey baby stage <3

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(Clockwise starting at top) Sugar, Mojave GHI Fire, and Banana Pewter Bee Ball Pythons from Guy_Brooks on


Current sex ratio: 4 female mojave cinnamons, 1 male mojave, 1 male normal, and 1 female normal.

There is one normal still in the egg.

I am really pleased with the mojave and one of the normals! Very pretty animals!

All of the mojave cinnamons are also looking great.



2013 Female Cinnamon Spider Possible Yellowbelly

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Very nice o.o